Jordan Burroughs Double Leg

Two Proven Ways To Shoot Faster

“The final aim of sport training is the improvement of sport result, which is expressed by the power output of competition exercise.” -Yuri Verkhoshansky, PhD To summarize this very smart sports scientist’s conclusion- improving your power output of specific wrestling moves, like shooting a takedown, will help you perform better on the mat. Alright, so […]

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Laura Squatting

Relationship Between Squat Strength and Leg Power

I’ve written about it before based on the personal research I’m doing (Fixing Your Squat). However, today I have some published research that should help to provide more answers in regarding squats and their carryover to wrestling. …by the way that’s a pic of my elite-level powerlifter wife, Laura. Yes, she’s stronger than I am. […]

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