Certification Plan

Here’s the 5 day Certification Plan my wife (the silly lady to the right thinking she has the Jiu-Jitsu skills to tangle with me! lol) designed. I’ve used it to make weight and a number of wrestlers I train have used it to get their weight down while maintaining a hydrated status.

Remember- success starts with proper Wrestling Nutrition. So be sure to start there a month or two before certifications.


– Cut any and all soy products.

– Track your fluid intake over the course of the day (be sure to take in 1 gallon minimum).

– Keep all other eating fairly normal.


– Continue with no soy.

– Cut all dairy other than protein powder. If you want to make shakes, but don’t like using water, get Unsweetened Flax Milk (this is the “milk” I use).

– Limit bread/cereal/grain intake.

– Drink 1.25x as much as you did on Monday.


– Continue with no soy.

– Continue with no dairy (other than protein powder).

– Cut all bread/cereal/grains.

– Drink 1.5x as much as you did on Monday.


– Continue with no soy.

– Continue with no dairy. Also, cut out protein powder.

– Continue with no bread/cereal/grains.

– Limit fruit intake.

– Drink 1.75x as much as you did on Monday.

– You will be taking in protein, vegetables, and fluid almost exclusively this day.


– No food.

– Fluid intake will be based on your weight and your hydration level when you wake up.

With the gradual fluid intake each day, your body should be pushing fluids out. Your urine should be relatively clear even when you wake up. Keep in mind that everyone’s bodies adapt at different rates.

If you happen to need to drop a little more weight, do the following.

1. Drink about 8oz of water.

2. Wait 20-30 minutes.

3. Then get good sweat in without going to the bathroom until they test you.

Do your best to time this so it occurs within a few hours of your test.

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