Exercises To Finish Single Legs Part 2

A picture of a wrestler on a high single leg on another.

In this post I will detail another exercise you can use to increase your chances of scoring in single leg situations.

For Part 1 check out- Exercises To Finish Single Legs.

Part 1 will get you up-to-date on the reasoning behind the exercises I’m selecting and why I think they’re functional. It also details the importance of movement/execution speed and how that will affect the carryover of the exercise to the actual position in a match.

So, what I’m trying to say is, if you haven’t read part 1, definitely do that before reading this post.

Anyway, let’s get on to one more solution to increase your odds of scoring in this situation.

Solution 3- The Good Morning

This solution is actually a 2-part solution. I’ll start with the classic variation of the Good Morning and then get into a variation I feel will have a better transfer.

The Good Morning is a great option for a number of reasons.

First, as I discuss in more detail in this post, the maximum torque on your hips is at the bottom of the exercise.

This means you’re in a very disadvantageous position when your chest/torso is parallel to the ground.

Guess what?

You’re also at a pretty disadvantageous position when you’re in the single leg position shown at the start of this post.

So, from a biomechanics standpoint, the Good Morning places you in a nearly identical position. It therefore best simulates the joint angles you will be in on the mat.

Another reason I think the Good Morning is a great option for increasing your chances of success is because of the way the resistance is positioned. In this case, the barbell is across your upper back/shoulders.

When your opponent is defending your attempts to finish the single leg, you’ll more than likely be dealing with him trying to pressure you head and shoulders.

You will be better prepared to experience success in this position because of the way you carry the external resistance during a Good Morning.

These are the top reasons why I feel the Good Morning will have a direct carryover to your chances of finishing a single leg.

Good Morning Variation

There is a variation of the Good Morning that I think will transfer better to finishing the single leg.

Here’s a quick video:

Performing a Good Morning from a paused/suspended position has one distinct benefit over the variation above.

The big benefit is that you’re performing the exercise without a stretch reflex.

I really don’t want to get too “sciencey” here.

But, let’s think about it…

When you get in on a high single (like in the picture at the start of this post) are your muscles loaded like they are in the standard Good Morning or is there not a lot of pre-loaded tension in your body?

If you ask me, the tension you experience when starting in the suspended position is much more similar to what you experience during the single leg.

So, for that reason, I think a Suspended Good Morning will increase your chances of scoring more than the standard Good Morning.

If you’re looking to perform reps with the Suspended Good Morning, step out from under the bar in between each rep. This will better simulate how your body will feel when you get in on a high single.

Finally, be sure to read part 1 to get my thoughts on movement speed and how that will impact the transfer to your on-the-mat strength. This will help with your weight selection.


I hope this second part gives you a couple more ideas on exercises and their variations that will increase your chances of scoring in a single leg situation.

If you have any questions on other exercises that may have a carryover to this position please leave me a comment below.

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  • Awesome!!

    Going to be going into mma and Sanda, so this is good from a high single situation

    • Hey man, sorry I forgot to get back to you after your last comment. Did you decide to go up to Mohawk Valley, or is the knee still giving you trouble? How’d you get the tear? Also, how’d the Thai fight go? If you’re in the market for another I’d be happy to put you in touch with my instructor, Kevin Seaman. He’s putting on his first show in another month in Watertown. It’s quite a distance to travel, especially since I’d imagine there are not shortage of opportunities in the city, but I figured I’d let you know.

      In regards to the suspended Good Morning- if you have some way of doing it from chains or suspension straps at the place you lift, try that. I’ve found that when the bar is across pins it sometimes will slide as you begin the lift. When the bar is suspended in straps, it drifts more naturally.

      • My knee I feels pretty good, I still tweak it here and there. But feel confident enough in it to wrestle in Mohawk tournament this Sunday.
        It’s a partial mcl tear that I sustained 16days ago while wrestling freestyle(which I hardly ever do).
        The Thai smoker was back in late January. It went well, everyone at the smoker said I looked good. I need to throw my right more tho, I was throwing a lot of jabs(knocked him down with a stiff jab). If your interested the video of my fight is on my Facebook page.
        I’m not familiar with Watertown, is that in New York?
        How do you mean with chains or straps? Like tie them on the ends of the bar?

        • Hey man, how’d Mohawk Valley go?

          I’ll definitely check out your fight on Facebook. Shoot me an email with a link to your page when you get the chance.

          Yeah, Watertown is in the “North country” near the St. Lawrence River.

          I’ll take a pic of the chain suspended setup today and post it in this comment thread later so you can get a better idea.

  • Awesome thx.

    Haven’t been training any Muay Thai since fight, so gonna have to pass on that, thanks anyway tho. Will let you know once I resume that training.

    Tournament was bad. Went 2-2, I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for tournament. Hadn’t wrestle for a week or so, and felt off. Didn’t cut weight and went 149lbs(was a 4lb allowance). Cardio was crap, just been lifting heavy for monthes, and practices haven’t had any conditioning in it.

    Gonna switch it up and focus more on conditioning to get ready for nationals

    • Here’s that suspension setup I was talking about:

      Suspension Setup

      Nice fight man…and really nice jab!

      What weight you going for Nationals?

  • Thanks, I naturally just go to the jab, very comfortable throwing it.

    Will go 59kg for nationals. I currently weigh 145lb.

    Also will def try to set that up in the mma/Crossfit gym at train at

    • Shit dude, you’ve got some weight cutting to do. Nothing too crazy though.

      Let me know what you think of the Good Mornings, and start throwing that right. It’ll land nicely once you put the fear of God in your opponent after landing a heavy jab or two. They’ll be so worried about that they won’t see the right coming.


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