Intra-Exercise Hydration

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Staying hydrated during practice is important. It will help you maintain a high level of performance and maximizing your workload.

Here are some tips from a journal article I read recently. Proper implementation of these strategies will help keep you hydrated during practice.

Why Is This Important?

The benefits include:

1. A reduction in cardiovascular strain.

2. Optimal heat dissipation (to minimize/prevent heat stroke and other heat related illness).

3. Maintenance of plasma volume along with cardiac output.

Ultimately, proper hydration helps you maintain your intensity throughout training.

Therefore, the authors suggest wrestlers carefully consider the three big hydration considerations below:

Consideration 1

If it’s possible, have water and other fluids readily available in or near the wrestling room. Due to the intensity of a wrestling practice, it is suggested that wrestlers take drink breaks as often as possible.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But regardless, the authors suggest that breaks be given at times to allow wrestlers to drink.

Consideration 2

Wrestlers should be weary not to over-hydrate. The authors encourage wrestlers to check their weight before and after practice to know how much weight was lost.

They should then use that information to gain a better understanding of how much water they should be consuming throughout practice to minimize dehydration from practice.

For instance, say you usually lose 3 pounds in a practice. You’d want to drink 3 16-ounce bottles of water during practice to prevent dehydration.

Obviously, if a weigh-in for a match is imminent, drinking during practice is counter-productive.

But on days that weight loss is not a practice objective, wrestlers should strive to maintain adequate levels of hydration to ensure optimal performance throughout.

That’s the big key. The idea behind this is to allow you to practice/train harder and longer.

And isn’t that a pretty good way to get better?

Train more and train harder?

That’s what staying hydrated during practice will allow you to do.

Consideration 3

To optimize gastric emptying, 13-20 ounces of fluid should be in the stomach at all times.

If the beverage being consumed contains carbohydrates, the concentration of carbs should be between 4 and 8% (found in Gatorade or any other sport beverage).

Paper Referenced

Hoffman, J., C. Maresh. Nutrition and Hydration Issues for Combat Sports Athletes. Strength and Conditioning Journal. 33(6), 10-17. December 2011.

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