Personalized Lifting Program For Wrestlers

“Optimal preparation of an athlete is not achieved by following a cookbook recipe; every athlete and event or sport is different.” -Dr. Stuart McGill

Listen, I’m not a salesman and I by no means want to push something on you that you don’t feel will make a positive impact on your performance.

However, as far as the various programs and program packages offered on my site, the personalized option is the way to go.


Well, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’m constantly learning and improving the way I design training programs.

Not only do I have tons of hands on experience working with the highest level wrestlers in the country (and throughout the world- one of my clients is a National Champion in Ecuador) but I’m also stay on top of the latest research AND performing my own research (click here to read the post on my shot speed and power research).

So, if you’re interested in me designing a personalized lifting program shoot me an email me at and we’ll get started.

When you email me, please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible:

Personal Lifting Program For Wrestlers Questionnaire

1. Age and weight of the wrestler (and the weight they compete at).

2. Goals and focuses of the program.  For instance- improve shot speed, increase strength, enhance muscular endurance, gain muscle/weight, and/or maintain weight.  Additionally include specific situations in wrestling that they may be having trouble with. You’re also more than welcome to include videos for me to watch so I can get a better idea.

3. The equipment you have access to.

4. Past lifting experience.  This can be fairly general including exercises, sets, reps, days/week, etc.

5. Any past or current injuries that may contraindicate certain lifts.  For example, knee pain when squatting or shoulder pain when bench pressing.

6. Competition and practice schedule for the next 8 weeks.  With the competitions let me know the importance of each one.

7. Days a week for the program.  I usually go with 2-4 depending on practice and competition schedule.  I’ll give you my opinion based on my experience once I get a better idea of what you’re looking to accomplish.

8. Any other info you feel may be helpful.

Finally, if we decide to work together, here’s how to “pay” me:

1.  I’ll send you a link to make a $50 donation to one of my favorite non-profits, usually the Broome County Humane Society.

2.  Send me a screen shot of your completed transaction.

That’s all there is to it!

Ready to get started?  Email me at

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  • Five weeks ago I brought my boys down to see Dickie and get a customized workout for the both of them. Since then my eldest has gotten praising comments from Mitch Clark (national champ) on his ability to turn kids using his system as well as other coaches commenting on his explosiveness. He is turning and taking down kids that he has never scored on before as well as not getting turned, his core and lower body are getting stronger everyday. My boys are both hard workers who love to wrestle and workout so knowing technique is key to wrestling we figured the same goes with proper training and we were right, their efforts in the gym are now getting results. Dickie’s program was just what they needed and the personnel touch of going to his gym for private session was the right move the little details that he caught have made the difference. We are going back in a couple of months for another session, and plan on making this at least a couple times a year (we live in Bennington, Vt. or it would be a few time a week). We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.
    Thanks for everything Dickie and see you soon.

    P.S. Calvin has been looking so good his harshest critic, his younger brother, said to me dang Calvin is looking good.

  • My son started wrestling as a Freshman in high school and started weight lifting in 8th grade. He started using Dickie’s weightlifting programs in his freshman year. For his freshman and sophomore year the strength training he obtained with Dickie’s programs really helped. He clearly was much stronger than most all of his opponents and even with a lack of technical skill, his strength allowed him to control opponents when riding them and get out of trouble when being ridden.

    Late in his sophomore year, after the season, we started working with Dickie on customized 6 week programs designed specifically to meet my son’s goals in strength and wrestling. The programs are really having an impact, my son’s technical skills are starting to keep with his explosive power and strength and results are many more wins and great matches and improvement.

    Dickie’s programs being designed for wrestlers really help work on the core and lower body and not just the “mirror” muscles. While most of my sons teammates can bang out 5-7 pull-ups, he’s been able to do 20 for the last 18 months, plus his abs are the envy of his friends.

  • Since working with Dickie through these programs my athleticism has improved dramatically. I feel faster, stronger and better conditioned than at any other point in my life. He helped me improve my deadlift by over 100 pounds and my improved strength on the mat had given me a great edge in competition. Dickie is excellent to work with, paying special attention to any areas you may need help with and adjusting to your specific style and needs. His programs always seem to be helpful and effective. After working with Dickie I would recommend no one else.

  • About one year ago, I made a decision that I wanted to get very serious with wrestling. I always worked hard in the wrestling room, but when it came to the gym I just kinda went around doing random exercises. Later on, I found out about Dickie and his website through a friend. I realized that a structured workout program is exactly what I need if i wanted to take my wrestling to the next level. He made workouts that were specific to me and my goals. I have put on a lot of weight and strength since beginning and I feel better at every aspect on the mat. If someone is really serious about wrestling, the gym is a must and Dickie’s program guides you for whatever goals you may have. I couldn’t imagine following any other program.

  • Dickie, Thanks again for the new eight week program. My son, Marky is finishing his third week. It’s hard to believe he has been using your programs for over a year now. When I look back at his starting point to where he is now, the results have been huge. I can count on you for a quick response when I have a question, and I appreciate that. I am fortunate that at the age of ten Marky enjoys his training and understands why it is important. All the way around it has been a great experience. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks with the results. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

    Thanks again,


  • Dickie hands down knows his stuff. He is constantly searching the literature trying to find any new advancements in athletic performance that will translate to on the mat success. I love the fact that he decided to conduct his own experiment to determine power and shot speed. I have wrestled for 10+ years, and had always looked for anything to improve my performance on the mat, came across his website from a friend and after reading his posts and seeing the sample and other free programs I knew I needed to contact him for a personalized program. My strength on the mat increased, with my weight staying the same, exactly what I wanted.

  • Working with Dickie has improved my wrestling performance drastically. I have been using personalized programs from him for a little over two years and have gained about 30 pounds of dry muscle. His lifts directly translate to wrestling. Each movement in the lift is designed to maximize speed, power, and explosion on the mat. This program pushes me to my limit in the off-season and keeps me fresh and strong in-season. I recommend getting a personalized plan if you are serious about your wrestling performance.

  • Hello Dickie,
    My name is Dustin Smith and I am looking for a personalized weight training program. I am not a wrestler, but your reputation for a great workout program has fallen on my ears. I have a friend who has one of your programs and decided to try it out. I loved every minute of it. I would love to give one of these programs a try. Will you send me the links to these programs? Of course the $50 is fine.

    • Hey Dustin, thanks for leaving a comment and for your interest in the program. Respond to the email you get from this comment with answers to all of the questions above this page (the Personalized Programs page). I’ll get started on things this weekend and get it to you by Sunday, if you’re interested.

      • Mr. White,
        Just a few things I have questions on. How do I pay, is there a sheet that I imput what my workout should focus on, what info do you need? Sorry for getting back to you so late. In other words yes, I would like a personalized workout from you. Thanks

        • Hey Dustin,

          If you’re still interested, just email me back from the automated email you get from me responding to your comment. On this Personalized Programs page, I have a series of questions above that I use to help put the program together. Get back to me with answers to those questions and I’ll send you a payment link and get you the program. Thanks for the interest; talk to you soon.

  • That sounds great. Thanks. I would like one of your programs. Just need on for over all strength and size, as well as making my numbers go up in bench press squat power clean and deadlift. Thanks -Dustin
    PS Sorry for respondin so late

  • Hi dickie, I’m an mma fighter and I’ve doing my friends program you gave him for a while but now am looking to get my own for my own training as I’m getting serious with my career, hope for you to get back to me soon, thanks

    • Hey Ruben, thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for your interest. You should get an automated email after I respond to your comment. Feel free to email me back on that thread and we’ll talk about how I may be able to help you out. Talk to you soon, man.

  • Dickie, I am interested in a personalized program. Also, I was wondering if you also do programs for whole teams. My team is in dire need of direction as our strength and conditioning program is severely lacking.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Nico,

      Yeah I can definitely work with teams. I designed the year program for the Binghamton University wrestling team, which they started to implement in the fall. You should get an automated email after I respond to your comment; feel free to email me back on that thread, or just email me personally at

      Thanks man, talk to you soon.

  • About a month ago, I purchased a personal lifting program from Dickie. Since then, all of my lifts have gone up significantly, most by 30-50 lbs. Aditionally, I’ve gained about 10 lbs. and feel much stronger on the mat. I would recommend Dickie’s programs to anyone who is serious about getting ahead of the competition and getting as strong as possible.

  • Been trying to reach you to see whether you work with pre teen wrestlers. I have a 10 and 11 year old that I want to start an off season program with. Is this something you would be able to do?


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