Rotational Power For Better Throws

A famous belly to belly suplex by West Germany's Wilfreid Dietrich throwing American heavyweight Chris Taylor during their match at the Munich Games.

Here’s a video I recently shot of me performing one of my favorite ways to increase rotational power- the Rotational Cable Lift.

Originally this exercise is what started the “Functional Core Training” movement. However, instead of the single handle that I’m using, the person would use a bar with about 2 1/2 feet in length.

In addition, the movement was performed slowly. It was therefore not as wrestling-specific as I’d like it to be. Nonetheless it’s a great exercise for developing core stability.

However, the one thing I thought needed to be changed was the speed of execution.

Think about it…

How many slow throws have you seen?

What about slow mat returns?



If you don’t explode and rotate your body with speed, you are greatly decreasing your chances of scoring.

So, if you’re looking to improve your performance in the situations above, then give this exercise a shot. Start by simply hooking a single handle up to a low cable column.

From there take a grip on the handle. If you’re starting the exercise by twisting to your left you’ll want your right side closest to the machine and your right hand on the handle with your left hand over top.

Step away from the machine to a distance where the weight is off of the stack when you’re in the starting position.

Get into a quarter squat with a neutral core.

Rotate your shoulders slightly toward the machine to assume the starting position.

From there squat up and rotate away from the machine while pulling the handle across your body.

Do this as explosively as possible!

Once you’ve reached the end of the movement return to the starting position quickly. Brace your core to stop the motion and immediately redirect the weight back up by driving with your legs and rotating again.

Because this exercise is meant to be trained for speed and power, it’s best performed in the 5-8 rep range.

The key is to make sure each rep is explosive. If you find yourself fatiguing as you complete the last couple reps, either lower the weight, or lower the number of reps you’re performing.

Anyway, check out the video and let me know what you think.

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A picture of Kyle Dake and Dickie White.
Hi, I’m Dickie (the author of this blog). Here I am with my good buddy, Kyle Dake. While he doesn't have a nice coat like me, he is pretty good at wrestling. Here's what he said about my training system:

Before I began lifting using Dickie's system my wrestling skills were getting slightly better. I've now been lifting under his guidance for more than 5 months and I have begun to dominating ALL of my competition. At first I had little faith in Dickie and his program, but now I would run into a wall if he told me I would get stronger! I know it sounds insane, but I would. The bottom line is Dickie is an expert and knows what he is talking about. If you want to defeat those kids whom you've always lost to and reach a level you never thought possible, I suggest you start lifting using Dickie's system immediately.

-Kyle Dake, 4X NCAA Division 1 National Champion

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