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Before I began lifting using Dickie’s system my wrestling skills were getting marginally better. I’ve now been lifting under his guidance for over five months now and I have started dominating ALL of my competition. At first I had little faith in Dickie and his system, but now I would run through a wall if he told me I would get stronger! I know it sounds crazy, but I would. The bottom line is Dickie knows what he is talking about. If you want to beat those kids whom you’ve always lost to and reach a level you never thought possible, I recommend you start lifting using Dickie’s system immediately.


Kyle Dake, 4X NCAA D1 National Champion, 2X World Champion

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Training with Dickie has helped me develop and move on to the next level of competition. With Dickie, I was able to have insurmountable gains in strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and endurance. Dickie’s strength training program takes a high level of intensity and is for those who are determined about their wrestling strength advancements.


Troy Nickerson, NCAA D1 National Champion, 4X D1 All-American, 5X NYS Champion

Troy Nickerson getting his hand raised after winning the 2009 NCAA title

Dickie has written me strength training programs since my junior year of high school, and I continue to see outstanding advancements in muscular strength, endurance, and explosiveness. I attribute my hard work under his guidance as being a critical part of my success, not only on the high school level, but also in my first year of college at the NCAA division one level. I look forward to training with him over this summer.


JP O’Connor, NCAA D1 National Champion, 3x D1 All-American, 4x NYS Champion

JP O'Connor getting his hand raised after winning the NCAA wrestling championship

I owe a great deal of my wrestling success directly to the inspiration and suggestions as provided by Dickie. He objectively analyzed my performance on the mat and provided me with individualized lifting workouts directly targeted at improving the “wrestling muscle groups” I needed to focus on. Dickie also helped me recognize and strengthen the weaker parts of my body; minor corrections resulted in a substantial overall strength increase. Without Dickie’s training I would not be as explosive or able to finish the tough moves continually faced in college wrestling. I will always feel comfortable turning to Dickie for strength and conditioning advice. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to get wrestlers to the next level! His deeds speak!


Nate Schiedel, 4X NCAA Qualifier, University Nationals Greco-Roman finalist, FILA Junior Greco-Roman All-American, New York State Champion

Nate Schiedel being interviewed as Binghamton University's Athlete of the Week.

While coaching at Binghamton University, Dickie was a tremendous asset to our program. His system had a great impact on the strength, power, and agility of my wrestlers. Dickie’s program was a major factor in our team being able to peak at right time and manage the mental and physical grind of the NCAA Tournament.


Pat Popolizio, Head Coach at North Carolina State

A picture of Pat Popolizaio in an Adidas NC State polo

Training with Dickie for the past two years has made me an accomplished, strong wrestler. The strength and endurance I’ve gained with his guidance has helped me reach the Greco-Roman National finals both as a Cadet and Junior as well as win a Cadet Freestyle National Title. Without Dickie I would not have been able to accomplish any of these wrestling goals. If you’re serious about being a successful, strong wrestler you need to use Dickie’s system.

Donnie Vinson, 3rd at NCAA D1 Nationals, 2x Cadet/Junior Greco-Roman National Finalist, Cadet Freestyle National Champion

A picture of Donnie Vinson standing in the 3rd place spot on the NCAA wrestling championships podium.

Since working with Dickie White’s program, I’ve progressed substantially in the areas of strength, speed, and muscular endurance. My confidence also received a great boost after I started dominating every match with ease. If you’re looking for the best strength-weight training program, I highly recommend Dickie. He’s led me to a national championship, and I have confidence that you also can get to the highest level of your lifetime with this program.


Alejandro Villagomez, Ecuador National Freestyle Wrestling Champion

Picture of wrestler getting hand raised

Training with Dickie the past two years has taken my wrestling to a whole new level. My shots are faster as well as more powerful which has led to me having much more confidence on that mat. He helped me move up two weight classes since I began training with him and feel just as strong if not stronger than my opponents.


Division 1 Wrestler, 3rd in NYS

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When I started on Dickie’s training program I was not a very strong kid and it affected my wrestling. I did the typical casual weight lifting on my own and I figured it was helping. Then I started Dickie’s program and it took me to a whole new level. It’s impossible to get the same results with lifting on any other program as you get lifting with Dickie’s program. After only two months of lifting I have added one hundred pounds onto my deadlift, sixty-five pounds onto my squat, and forty pounds onto my bench. I can tell from my wrestling performance that I am a greatly improved wrestler. My moves are a lot more explosive and my muscles rarely get fatigued. I would not drive an hour each way at three times a week to train with Dickie if I did not fully believe in his program.


Anthony Jerome, University Nationals Greco-Roman All-American

Anthony Jerome picture from Binghamton University wrestling website.

Strength training with Dickie has made an unbelievably impact on my performance on the mat. I am faster and stronger, and have noticed increased stamina and endurance during matches. Dickie’s experience and knowledge has helped me get better control of my weight so I don’t need to starve and run as much. I am bigger and stronger than I was last year and am making 125 easier than I did last year too. Whenever anyone asks me how I was able to transform myself so quickly I can only think of one answer- Dickie White.

Garrett Morabito, 4th in Greco-Roman Junior Nationals, NYS Champion

A picture of the 2009 NYS D2 wrestling champions from various high schools across NYS.

Dickie White’s knowledge of strength training for wrestling has taken me to a whole other level of competing. The strength and power I have gained using Dickie White’s strength training exercises has allowed me to score more points, and much more often. I’m dominating matches and as a result, have caught the attention of a few of the top college coaches in the country. I know that I will be able to move on and be successful with the help of Dickie.


Devon Brown, NYSPHSAA Champion

Devon Brown on top of Section 4 podium

Strength training with Dickie has made me a stronger, powerful, and faster wrestler. A lot of my physical attributes can be traced back to the strength training programs Dickie put together for me. If you are looking for a tough workout that gets results, you should definitely get a training program from Dickie.


Taylor Golba, NYSCHSAA Champion & MOW, Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman All-American

Taylor Golba

I thought I was done wrestling in 2009 when my high school career ended abruptly after being denied the ability to continue my match following an injury. However, I was determined to not let that be the end of my wrestling career and in the fall I walked on to a DII program. Unfortunately, due to title 9 and a limited amount of roster spots, I did not make the cut. A series of unrelated events led me to transfer to The College of New Jersey, a Division III program and walked-on to the team as a Sophomore under the great David Icenhower. In my first season I managed a .500 record at the 157 pound weight class with 8 dual meet contests under my belt. In the following summer I discovered Dickie and his amazing 16 week summer program and it made all the difference in the following season. That summer, I put on between 15-20 pounds of lean muscle and increased my strength and power beyond expectations. I was truly amazed at how quickly I could feel myself get stronger and how much more explosive I was on the mat. In the following season, I started at the 165 pound weight class, improved my record from the previous season, took 3rd in the Metropolitan Conference and was named a Division III Academic All-American. I never accomplished nearly all that I wanted to in the sport of wrestling, as many would say, and I especially was never anything remarkable. However, if it weren’t for Dickie and his excellent program I very well may have hung up the shoes and gave up on accomplishing anything. At all levels and abilities, Dickie’s program, followed correctly, will improve your performance immeasurably.


Ken Murphy

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