Weight Training For Wrestling- DB Push Press

an image of a competitive strongman holding a heavy dumbbell overhead with his left arm.

The DB Push Press is a great exercise to add to your weight training for wrestling program.

This power exercise develops explosive triple extension. Additionally, while holding the dumbbell at the top you also develop shoulder and core stability.

As you can imagine, it makes a great addition to your program.

DB Push Press Video

You can also perform it with a Barbell.

While I personally do this from time to time, I rarely do it with the wrestlers I work with. This is simply because I usually have about 3 guys training at once and it saves a lot of time using DBs.

Here’s a video of a beautiful barbell Jerk though.

…Yeah, sorry there was a Clean before it, but I had to put this up. It’s just way too impressive not to share. I don’t care how you do it, putting 573 pounds over your head is crazy!

Finally, to do a quick clarification for those of you scoring at home. The above exercise is a Jerk. Below is a Push Press.

Notice how a Push Press is not locked out over head in one motion. Anyway, that’s just a FYI. I use the terms “Jerk” and “Push Press” interchangeably (but always mean Jerk), but there is a difference.


Anyway, to perform a DB Push Press start by positioning a DB on your shoulder. I like to rest half of the DB on my shoulder and do my best to hold it there until I begin to explode up.

I’ve seen way too many Push Presses go bad with a DB that escapes someone’s shoulder during the descent/dip. Do your best to avoid this.

Once the DB is positioned on your shoulder, lower down by driving your hips back and bending at the knees (this is known as a counter-movement).

As soon as you hit the bottom of your counter-movement explode up as quickly as possible. Focus on trying to jump as high as you can.

When you reach the peak of your jump you’ll need to do two things simultaneously.

First, start directing the DB over your head by carrying the force you generated with your lower body to your upper body.

While you’re doing this drive your feet back to the floor so that your base is all set when the DB reaches lockout.

an image of elliot hulse holding a dumbbell overhead with his right arm after finishing some kind of press.
I like to put my free arm out like Elliot is showing here to help stabilize myself with the DB overhead.

Once you’ve stabilized the dumbbell, return it to your shoulder as carefully as you can. Re-position your feet and repeat for reps.

As you can see, as far as explosive exercises go, the DB Push Press is another easy to implement exercise that will build explosive hips and legs. So start working these into your program and be ready to perform when the time comes!

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