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A 2 sided image of Troy Nickerson. One picture is him pointing to the crowd after winning his NCAA title. The other side is of him holding the bracket and trophy.

Here’s an interview I did with Olympic hopeful, Troy Nickerson.

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Anyway, on to the good stuff…


High School Stats While At Chenango Forks High School

• First 5-time New York State Champion (2001-2005)
• 6-time National High School Champion (Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman)
• First Wrestler to win the Outstanding Wrestler award in both styles (Freestyle and Greco-roman) at Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND
• 2005 Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award Winner (State, Regional, and National)
• 2005 ASICS High School Wrestler of the Year

College Stats While At Cornell University

• 2009 NCAA Division 1 National Champion
• 4-time NCAA Division 1 All-American (2nd, 3rd, 1st, 4th)
• 3-time EIWA Conference Champion
• 4-time All-IVY First Team Selection
• 2-time IVY Wrestler of the Year (2006, 2009)
• 2006 IVY Rookie of the Year
• First athlete to win Athlete of the Year and Rookie of the Year during the same season
• 2010 Cornell University Male Athlete of the Year

International Stats

• 2011 US Open Runner-Up

Training Schedule:


Morning– Wrestling workout consisting of a long drill followed by short lifting circuit and agility drills/light cardio

Afternoon/Evening– Long cardio workout, usually a 5-7 mile run followed by a sauna session to cool down


Morning– Wrestling workout consisting of shorter drill focusing on areas of concentration followed by live wrestling and hard conditioning

Afternoon/Evening– 30 mins worth of intense conditioning work, usually treadmill sprints, bike sprints, UB, stance-motion drills, etc.

Wednesday (light day)

Morning– 90 min Bikram yoga

Afternoon/Evening– 1 hour sauna session mixing in hot/cold contrasts, massage for recovery


Morning– Wrestling workout consisting of a long drill followed by circuit lift and light cardio

Afternoon/Evening– 30 mins worth of intense conditioning, similar to Tuesday


Morning– Wrestling workout, similar to Tuesday

Afternoon/Evening– Long cardio and weight cut prep work followed by sauna session


Morning– Lift/intense cardio combo, very intense

Afternoon/Evening– Light, long cardio workout


OFF– Sauna for recovery

Troy Nickerson smiling and standing next to a youth wrestler.

Other Pieces Of The Puzzle:

During the week, I have a meeting with a nutritionist. We usually go over my diet, get some body comp numbers, evaluate my previous week of training and make adjustments to the plan as needed.

In addition, I meet with a sports psychologist depending on my training situation. This isn’t as regular as the nutritionist due to my schedule.

I also watch film for probably 4-6 hours per week.

Training Overseas:

This summer, I did a lot of traveling. I traveled to Belarus on two separate occasions, as well as Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Armenia, Chechnya (Russia), and Germany. I’m thankful to have a few months back in the USA!

Finally, check out this awesome video interview Clinch Gear did with Troy Nickerson:

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