W.W.P. Day 1, Superset 2

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In this post I’ll cover the 2nd superset in a program I recently designed. The program is for a college wrestler who I train through email.

For the original post that details the exercise selection process as well as the program read- Wrestling Workout Program.

Here’s a quick look at Day 1:

Superset 1- Pin or Floor Press (5×3) and Weighted Chinup (5×3)

Superset 2- Pause DB Bench (3×6) and Cable Row (3×8)

Triset 1- BB Curl (3×8) and BB Overhead Press (3×8) and DB Shrug (3×10)

Pause DB Bench and Cable Row Descriptions

The 2nd superset of this program starts off with a Pause DB Bench. This is another exercise to strengthen the low end portion of the bench.

The wrestler that I designed this program for has had a lot of issues getting the bar moving off his chest. Once he gets it going, he can always finish the press.

Here’s a quick video on how to properly execute the Pause DB Bench.

This exercise is very similar to a Floor Press in that there’s a pause included. Hold the pause at the bottom for about 2 seconds.

The Cable Row is supersetted with the Pause DB Bench. In the video below I’m performing the exercise with a Jiu-Jitsu Gi. This provides an additional challenge for my hands/grip.

As a wrestler, you know that grip strength is super important. So, I always encourage the use of a Gi, fat handle, towel, or anything else that will help strengthen your grip. If you don’t already, be sure to work these implements into your lifting program.

Here’s a video of a Cable Row without the additional grip implement:

There are a few important technique points to keep in mind for the Cable Row.

First, you want to avoid initiating the pull with your low back. Very rarely, if ever, are you able to produce momentum during a pulling situation on the mat. So, it’s in your best interest to train with strict technique to get the best carryover possible.

Second, focus on pulling your shoulder blades together as much as possible. Don’t simply try to pull your hands to your chest. Making sure you’re squeezing your shoulder blades will ensure the lats and rhomboids are getting maximal emphasis.

To ensure you’re consistent with this, think about trying to touch your elbows together behind your back. While it’s not physically possible, it’s a good cue for this exercise.

Finally, like I mentioned above, consider adding in an element that will challenge your grip. I know lots of wrestlers like to do direct grip work (grippers, etc). But, from a functional standpoint, your grip is primarily used on the mat during pulling situations. Specifically- pulling in a leg attack, a Russian or other control tie up, and a 2-on-1 to perform a tilt or break your opponent down.

Read the following post for more ways to implement grip training- How To Improve Your Grip For Wrestling.

Wrestling Workout Program
Using thick ropes threaded through Cable Row handles, or in this case, for bodyweight rows, is another great way to strengthen your grip.

Because your grip is so crucial for pulling situations, I’m a big advocate to strengthening it during pulling exercises like the Cable Row. So do your hands a favor and start challenging your grip while you perform your upper body pulling exercises. Your coaches and teammates will thank you when you start racking up more pins and techs this year.

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