W.W.P. Day 2, Superset 2

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In this post I’ll cover the second superset on Day 2.

Wrestling Workout Program is the original post. In that post I detail how I designed the program, why I chose the exercises, and the reasoning behind everything.

Below is the workout for the second day that I’ll be referring to.

Day 2

Superset 1- Hang Clean (5×2) and Standing Ab Wheel (5×8)

Superset 2- BB Free Squat (5×3) and DB Side Bend (5×10)

Superset 3- Back Extension (3×12) and Decline Situp (3×12)

Exercise Descriptions

The first exercise is the Barbell Free Squat. While I prefer the Safety Squat Bar, most colleges don’t have one. So, I had this wrestler use a barbell for a month before he left for his first semester. This would give him a better feel for the bar and me a better idea of how to program weights.

Performing a BB Free Squat can be rather challenging if you’re experiencing issues with hip, hamstring, or ankle tightness. In fact, any kind of lower body tightness can really inhibit your ability to hit good depth in the Free Squat.

If you have trouble getting to depth, check out my post called Squat Like A Stripper.

Once you have the mobility to hit depth comfortably and predictably, then you are ready to start working up in weight.

Much like the Hang Clean, the Free Squat has a lot going on from a technical standpoint so I’ll just go over a few common mistakes that I’ve seen.

First, learn to carry the bar across your upper back, not the top of your shoulders and neck. Here’s a video showing how to carry the bar properly. It also goes into the importance of keeping your back tight to prevent falling forward.

Next, is to make sure you get a great hip drive out of the hole. Here’s a great explanation by Mark Rippetoe detailing the importance of proper hip drive.

Ultimately when it all comes together you want a squat that looks like this:

Finally, Superset 2 finishes with a DB Side Bend.

As I’ve detailed before, a lot of the core exercises do not directly transfer into an improved performance on the mat. I discuss this at greater length here: Exercises for Wrestlers- Core Strength and Stability.

However, one benefit of the DB Side Bend is that it strengthens your core which allows you to handle more weight during squats, deadlifts, etc.

Additionally, because you should be able to work up to a fairly heavy weight (I have wrestlers that use between 100-120lbs for these), you’ll get a great grip workout in as well.

So keep your technique strict on these and work on increasing the weight.

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